Dr. Stefano Checchi RDH

Stefano Checchi is born in Bologna Italy. He is a dental hygienist since 2000. He worked in several private clinics and as communication and training & education consultant in favor of many international companies. His passion is teaching and lecturing and he worked as a tutor at the University in Bolgona. Nowadays he is a teacher at the University of the Study in Torino, Dental Hygiene course. Beside that he is lecturing, both at national and international level, covering topics of Dental Hygiene interest. Since ten years he represents Italy as a Delegate in the European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF) and covered the role of EDHF secretary for two terms. He is board member of the Italian Dental Hygienists Association (AIDI).Together with his wife, also a dental hygienist, he owns and runs a Dental Hygiene Office in Torino.

Webinars by Dr. Stefano Checchi RDH

La gestione clinica dei biofilm orali: nuove tecnologie, metodiche, materiali.

Dr. Stefano Checchi RDH

Dedicato a tutti coloro che desiderano apprendere o aggiornare le proprie conoscenze circa la gestione dei biofilm attraverso l’impiego razionale di sistemi combinati di Air Polishing e Power Scaling

Oral health, Oral hygiene, Other, Patient management, Special needs dentistry webinar
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